Susanna Wade and D’Artagnan 2016 KBIS National Champions!

Susanna and D'Artagnan (Eddy) had a clear win at the Nationals in Stoneleigh Park on 16 September 2016 with a high score of 75.65%. Eddy was produced and supplied to Susanna by Assouline Dressage, and is in full training at the Assoulines; picured above with Jess Thompson, Assouline Dressage's head rider/ coach.

Amanda Shirtcliffe Reserve-Champion at Nationals!

After winning her Preliminary Regional Championship back in August at Bury Farm EC, Amanda Shirtcliffe and Princess came 2nd at the Nationals with a score of 73.27%! Amanda is a grade two para-rider and she competed in the able-bodied Preliminary test which is an even more remarkable achievement! Princess was produced and supplied by Assouline Dressage!