Horses can be stabled at our dressage livery yard with 24h supervision from highly qualified staff living on site. Horses are all individually catered for. Services include:

  • Bedding: High quality straw or small flake shavings
  • Forage: We offer a choice of high quality forage in the form of meadow and seed hay, and preservative free haylage.
  • Hard feed: Choice of all major brand names to suit individually; we also crush whole oats on site daily for freshness. Supplements are also available.
  • Care of horses: Stable cleaning twice daily; daily grooming; possibility of turning out on grass (post and rail fencing) or in sand pen according to season and weather. Daily grooming and health management (on site visits and record keeping of veterinary, farrier, physiotherapy, saddle fitting, dentistry professionals etc).
  • Tacking-up and tack cleaning is part of the livery service.

Please email us for the current price list.